Friday, 14 April 2017

Lounge Wear Inspo..

Hey Friends, 

If you're anything like me, I'm sure you'll love that perfect comfy wear to change into when you get back home from work, an outing, a date night, wedding etc.. Or even just to lounge about at home. You can't beat the feeling of changing into comfy lounge wear or pyjamas and getting proper comfortable and cosy. I mean who doesn't like getting out of work wear, outing wear etc.. Taking your makeup off and just getting into that complete chill out mode. Today, I would like to share with you some lounge wear inspiration. I was browsing through my favourite ASOS and picked out a few of my favs to share with you.. I hope you like them!

South Beach Grey Jumper & Joggers : 

This outfit looks super comfy for just chilling out at home plus I like the colour grey!.. Although, I think this outfit is more for chilling out at home, you could possibly pop out to nearby shops too wearing this outfit. It's more of a grey jumper and joggers kinda outfit. This could be worn with a T-shirt underneath the jumper. This outfit is from ASOS. The jumper is called South Beach Grey Jumper for £20.00 and the joggers are called South Beach Grey Jogging Bottom for £18.00.

South Beach Off Shoulder Sweat & Bottoms:

This soft-touch sweat, off-shoulder bardot neckline jumper is similar to the South Beach Grey. The jumper is off the shoulder as already mentioned and the joggers are the same style as the South Beach Grey joggers. This outfit can also be worn casually in the home just lounging about. The Jumper is also from ASOS and called South Beach Off Shoulder Sweat for £18.00, the joggers are called South Beach Ecru Jogging Bottom for £18.00 and the colour is Ecru. I haven't really actually worn a jumper or top that is that off the shoulder as a slim girl, but I do like it and you never know I might give it a try and it might even suit me, haha..

Micha Lounge Double Face Bonded Jumper:

This is another jumper/slimmer fitted joggers/sweatpants type combo. The joggers look a lot more slim fitting than the others but look alright and something I would at least try on to see how it fits. I like the navy colour, but the colour is actually listed as navy/grey. The jumper is described as a soft-touch bonded knit with a round neck, with the sweatpants described as soft-touch fluffy knit with a stretch waistband. The jumper is available from ASOS, it's called Micha Lounge Double Face Bonded Jumper for £38.00 and the sweatpants, also available from ASOS, are called Micha Lounge Carrot Sweat Joggers for £39.00.

Micha Lounge Grey Hoodie With Contrast Tipping:

This lounge wear is more of a cardigan/hoodie & slim fitting joggers combo. The material is described as soft-touch knit. If you are looking for comfort and style, this outfit looks proper comfy with elements of style to it. This cardigan can be layered up with a t-shirt underneath, wearing it with the joggers for night-in legit lounging. This outfit is also available from ASOS the cardigan is called Micha Lounge Grey Hoodie With Contrast Tipping for £38.00 and the bottom's called Micha Lounge Knit Jogging Bottom With Contrast for £39.00, colour: Light grey/cream.

ASOS LOUNGE Star Sweat & Jogger Set:

This lounge set is really cute! I like the star pattern and the light grey colour. This looks a lot more like a pyjamas set. So, unlike some of the ones, I'd probably stick to wearing this just at home and definitely not wearing it out of the house lol. As name of the lounge wear has already given away where its from (haha), the set is from ASOS called ASOS Lounge Star Sweatshirt for £18.00 and the bottoms, ASOS lounge Star Jogger for £20.00.

Only Play Pink Cropped Sweatshirt & Only Play Grey Melange Joggers:

The last one on my list is this casual lounge wear that can actually be worn outside as well as for lounging in the home. I like the pink cropped sweatshirt paired with the grey joggers. As styled, I also like that you can layer/pair the cropped sweatshirt with a vest top or t-shirt or you could just wear it on its own. I like that the grey joggers also look quite slim fitted. The cropped sweatshirt and joggers are available from ASOS like the others mentioned. It's called Only Play Pink Cropped Sweatshirt for £25.00 and the joggers called Only Play Grey Melange Joggers for £28.00.

That's it peeps! That's my list of lounge wear inspirations. ASOS is such a good retail outlet that has a wide variety of outfits I could browse through it all day!.. What do you think of my selections? Please feel free to leave me a comment below, letting me know what your thoughts are.. Till next time!..

Ciao! Laters!.. x



  1. Comfy clothes are the best! I actually think I own more than going out clothes haha! Great picks xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

  2. I think the South Beach off shoulder set is my fave. Although if I wore that colour around the house, I would be sure to stain it with chocolate!


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