Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Alphabet Inspired Home Accessories From Next Home

Hello Friends,

I'm back with an alphabet inspired post for you all. I can't believe that we are already in October!.. The year seems to be flying by way too fast! Today, I am here to share with you my love for Next Home. I absolutely love Next Home, I can spend hours looking around in their stores for home interior decorative accessories or just home and furniture items in general. While I was recently browsing their website / store I came across a few alphabet inspired items so I thought I'd share them with you all.

Wooden Alphabet Word Blocks: I like the idea of having alphabets in decorative blocks. You can use them to spell anything or word of your choice. Or you could just use them to display your initials which is also kinda cool. It can be wall mounted or free standing as a display on a shelf or as a decoration on a display unit. The blocks are available for £5.00 each.

Lit Silver Glitter Monogram Letters: These are similar to the word blocks. The glitter monogram letters have little light bulbs on them which are battery operated. I like that you can turn the lights on for additional effects. The glitter Monogram letters can also be wall mounted or free standing. The Monogram letters are available for £20.00 each.

Alphabet Cushion: I'm liking the alphabet cushions! They're kinda cute. The cushions are available in all 26 letters of the alphabet plus &, Heart and Hashtag symbols. The cushions are available for £5.00 each.

Chrome Finish Alphabet Metal Hooks: I like these!.. You can use these to customise your hanging hooks. You can play around with it, use it to spell out your favourite quote, word or just a simple initial or even your name. You could have a little fun with it, have it however you want it. The metal hooks are available for £6.00 each.

Alphabet Filled Scented Candle: I think the candles look cute!.. Having a letter of the alphabet on it, possibly your initials, personalises the candle, which gives it a nice little touch. The candle is Jasmine fragranced. Pretty floral bouquet with white lily, honeysuckle and jasmine notes, which is meant to burn for up to 40 hours. The scented candles are available for £4.00 each.

That's all friends, hope you enjoyed it! For those of you that know Next Retail, what are your thoughts on the store? Do you love it like I do?.. Or is there another home/furniture store that is your favourite that I should know about? Please feel free to share or comment below...

Laters!.. Ciao x

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