Sunday, 21 February 2016

Work Wear Outfit Inspiration

Hi Friends,

It's been a while since I posted, in fact it's the first time this new year 2016. Happy New Year guys! I am so sorry that I haven't had something up sooner. It has been a crazy one, as usual, balancing a busy work schedule with everything else etc.. Also, I was away Christmas / New Year visiting family in Canada and US. It was brill! I had a fantastic time. Nothing beats being able to spend the holiday season with all your family.

So, about today's post.. You start a new job or you have an existing one and you're thinking, you would like to switch up your work outfit a notch?.. Well, I have always wondered about not wearing the same old boring outfits to work and having a bit more inspiration with work wear. Although, your working environment might have an impact on what you could wear. I work in a cooperate environment where you have to dress smart, although we do have casual days too, which is cool i.e. every Friday and that lol. It's good to maybe think outside the box a little and not make smart clothes seem plain and boring as it might sound. With all these thoughts, I have put together a few work wear Inspo that I would like to share with you all to kick of this year's first post :). By the way, it was Valentine's Day this time last week. I hope you all had a good one, even the single peeps. There is nothing wrong with being single! Check out the ones I have picked out.. although, I must admit though when I was searching for work wears with a little Sass, chic, and sophistication it was difficult to find one that wasn't the norm and a variety. I think there should be more options out there and slightly disappointed that there isn't as much. So, I hope you like the ones I have chosen to share with you all.

The first outfit is from Next, this outfit could also be paired with a nice blazer. Either loose or fitted. this smart look also has a chic look to it plus I love the slouch trousers. The top is styled with a thin strap vest.


Pleat Ruffle Top - £35
Thin Strap Vest - £4.50
Navy Stripe Slouch Trousers - £28

Grey Contemporary Tailoring:

Here, you have a Grey Double Breasted Jacket styled with a Frill Front Top, Grey Slim Trousers and Leather Perforated Lace Ups.


Grey Double Breasted Jacket - £65
Frill Front Top - £20
Grey Slim Trousers - £38

Just in case you are interested on the shoes that the model is wearing, they are called Leather Perforated Lace Ups for £50 also, from Next.

The Dress Outfit:

This dress is a cute work wear fitted dress which, also has a chic style to it. Navy Stripe Dress - £35 from Next

This is more of a smart casual look for those days that you are feeling more of a slightly, but still smart laid back look. Outfit is from Asos.

Details: Y.A.S Ecco Cigarette Trousers - £45.00

Skirts / Outfits:

These might be a basic look so to say, but pencil skirts have a nice fit for when you fancy wearing a skirt and showing off those legs!


First Outfit: Next
Black Pencil Skirt - £25 (styled with a long sleeve white shirt)

Second Outfit:  H&M
Fitted Jacket £24.99 - Styled with, Sheer Blouse - £19.99 & Pencil Skirt - £14.99

For the simple, but still smart / trendy look, we have the above trouser suit (combined) looks that I found from H&M.

First Outfit:
Fitted Jacket - £24.99, (Styled with)
Spaghetti Strap Top - £5.99
Suit Trousers - £14.99

Second Outfit:
Fitted Jacket - £24.99
Stretch Shirt - £12.99
Suit Trousers - £14.99 - All from H&M

The final outfit for today that I will like to share with you all is a bit of a quirky outfit. Outside of my comfort zone, but I think its a cute look.

This Outfit is from Asos called, ASOS TALL Co-ord Brushed Check Jacket.

Although this outfit is for the Asos tall section, I like the look of it and think it's quite quirky and cute. This could as well fit someone who isn't as tall lol.

ASOS TALL Co-ord Brushed Check Mini Skirt - £30.00 (Styled with a white long sleeve turtle neck top)
ASOS TALL Co-ord Brushed Check Jacket - £60.00

That's it for today peeps till next time!



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