Friday, 7 August 2015

Pandora | My Pandora Wish List

Hello Friends,

Back with todays post my Pandora Wish List!. I'm loving Pandora accessories! I have always liked pandora, but just really digging it lately. I absolutely love their charms and bracelets and recently I've also been looking at their rings. So I have decided to put together a little wish list of all (well a few haha) of my favourite pandora charms / rings that I currently have my eye on let me know if you have any favourites and we could maybe compare notes?...


  1. Minnie Mouse ''Minnie Sparkling Ear Hat''  - Disney Parks Collection by PANDORA
  2. Night Out Charm
  3. Sparkling Stiletto Charm
  4. Lucky Penny Pendant Charm
The Minnie Mouse Charm is so cute, you can never really be to old for disney right?... I guess to a certain level its alright, its not like I sleep with a minnie mouse soft toy every night with my age having to do with that lol. With the others, Night out, Sparkling Stiletto and Lucky Pendant they are all just lovely and definitely a choice of mine.

  1. Fluttering Butterflies Charm
  2. Pandora Signature Charm
  3. Heart Lock & Key Charm
  4. Star Clip Charm

  1. My Princess Tiara Pendant Charm
  2. Red Scooter Pendant Charm
  3. Eiffel Tower Charm
  4. Hearts Safety Chain Charm 
I love the Princess Tiara Charm how cute fit for a princess like me ha and the Red Scooter a little different but I like. The Eiffel Tower is just as nice, even though I am yet to visit the lovely city of Paris I hope someday I will get the opportunity to experience Paris! The Safety Chain Charm is a lovely addition to standard charms... its quite a clever idea and I see the concept.


1. Black Spinel Bubble Ring

2. Princess Tiara Ring

3. Intricate Lattice Band Ring

Thats my List! Here's me wishing that I get one if not all (haha) of my wish list... there were so many other nice ones too but these are the main ones that I currently have my eye on and have put together as my current pandora wish list!

Ciao! X


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