Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wedding Outfit Ideas | What to wear to a wedding...

Hello All,

How's everyone doing? Hope you're all good! Been a bit hectic these past weeks, and I have also been under the weather so I haven't been able to put up a post in ages (apologies!)... Some time last year, the Bf's best mate proposed to his Gf and now they are getting married! The wedding is just around the corner now and seems to be slowly creeping in...which brings me to the question what I'm I going to wear? Seeing as it's kind of a summer wedding, it's the perfect excuse to put on a dress for a change lol. Living in the UK, I tend not to wear dresses as much as I get really cold way too easily! You see, I don't do cold haha! Right, so I need a wedding outfit and I hope I find one, let the shopping begin! I have come up with a few picks that I would like to share with you guys and maybe get some of your opinion? I'm not sure if I should play it safe or just be bold! By bold I mean with colours because I love my black, browns and grey.... which could seem quite boring but, I think there's a touch of class and sophistication to blacks and greys... maybe not so much browns but it depends on the shade of brown I think... Although, saying that from my selection below I seem to have chosen mostly peachy... pastel colours! I think it's probably my summer colour haha. Anyway check out the ones on my list at the moment.

The above are my top 3 

Dress 1: ASOS Debutante Crop Top Midi Scuba Dress
Dress 2: ASOS Candy Embellished T-Shirt Crop Top Scuba Skater Dress
Dress 3: Little Mistress Skater Dress With Floral Print Waist

Other Options:

ASOS Iridescent Geo Sequin Scuba Top Bodycon Dress

Ted Baker Dress in Jacquard

That's my list for now! Still on the hunt though for the perfect dress... or maybe one of the ones on my list could be the perfect one! Laters guys enjoy the rest of your week and I'll catch up with you all soon!

Byeee! X

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