Thursday, 14 May 2015

Holiday in Cyprus | Paphos | 2014 Holiday

Hey Everyone,

This post is actually a little late, as the holiday took place last year 2014 but, better late than never right?... Sorry guys! I went to Cyprus for the very first time with the bf last year for a relaxing holiday and had such a nice chilled out time. This was the first time that I had also gone on an All Inclusive holiday. It was different but pleasantly nice as I didn't know what to expect.
Our destination was Paphos (City in Cyprus). Paphos is a coastal city in the southwest of Cyprus and the capital of Paphos District. Cyprus was such a calming and relaxing holiday, beautiful beaches and I would highly recommend it as a city worth visiting.

We stayed at Louis Phaethon Beach Club hotel which was nice, the staff were really friendly which made us feel welcome. They had a variety of food during meal times which was good and loads to drink, added bonus lol. The rooms were basic but nice. The one we stayed in had a nice little balcony with a sea view! Which the bf and I chilled at, sometimes! They also laid on various entertainment during the day and evening which was a little fun. Paphos was really lovely and relaxing I enjoyed walks along the beach and just basically chilling out! While on walks, the view and scenery was so lovely and calm that I couldn't help myself, just had to take pictures even random ones lol! So I think it's only fair that I share some of the pictures with you guys. I must say since I started blogging, I have become a right proper photographer and I'm loving it! Here are some snaps that I took while I was there enjoy!  

The Beaches

Life Guard Station

Sorry about the photo overload there haha! I have so many pictures, and wanted to share all of them with you but had to go with a selected few. Hope you liked them! I also added a random flower picture because it looked so lovely. Who doesn't like flowers hey?.. To round up, I had such a good time in Cyprus and it's definitely a place that I wouldn't mind returning to. So guys, if you're looking for a relaxing holiday away you should give Cyprus ago! If you haven't already been that is haha..

Till later!.. X



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