Thursday, 30 April 2015

5 Top Trainers | Casual Footwear

Hi Friends,

Comfort is important to me when it comes to shoes... Lately, I have re-found my love for trainers, sneakers etc... I also have a thing for converse at the moment (I'm just loving them! Lol). I have recently just added a new pair to my growing collection, which the lovely bf bought for me as a birthday pressie. I also have my eyes on the Nike Air Max Thea … hoping to purchase a pair soon. Today I have picked out some top trainer's trends to share with you all feel free to let me know what your thoughts are!

1. Ralph Lauren - Canvas Jolie Sneaker:  Available from via This canvas sneaker is simple but stylish, a cool laid-back style. Love the simplicity of it! It can been paired with several outfits. The colour of the first one (which is my fav out of the 2) is Modern Navy it's also available in White. Both colours are lovely and will go with most outfits.

Ralph Lauren - Canvas Jolie Sneaker
Nike Air Max Thea
2. Nike Air Max Thea: This is "D" Nike trainers that I have my eye on. I have forgotten lately how much I like Nike trainers, seeing as they hadn't brought out a style in ages that I have really wanted. My last favourite was the Nike Air Presto, they were the best trainers ever! and were dead comfy. Back to the Air Max Thea, when I saw these I was interested in the look and style and thought finally a pair of nikes that I want!...


3. Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Canvas Hi-Top Trainers - Thunder: From (you can also get these from most shoe shops i.e Office Shoes, Schuh, Footlocker etc). I have found a new love for converse are you a converse fan also?

4. Converse Womens Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Ox Trainer:

The all stars dainty converse is also a top favourite. The women's converse all star oxford is quite similar to the dainty, just slightly different but also nice. There is also the converse Allstar Low in leather (white & possibly black), I think the dainty one is the next one on my converse list lol!

Slip on Trainers

5. Vans Womens Classic Slip On Trainers:

The vans classic slip ons are another favourite! I like the simplicity of them, they look like the type of shoes you can just slip on easily hence the name slip on lol!...and it beats having to tie laces! It has a cool street look about it, I could see these paired with a pair of skinny jeans, a nice casual shirt or t-shirt for a more laid back chilled look. The slip ons could possibly go with most outfits. 

That's it guys! Those were my 5 top trainers what are yours? Are you also a converse lover like moi?... Feel free to leave me a comment so we can share ideas!

Catch you Later!

Ciao x


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Outfits Inspiration: Spring / Summer Looks | Jumpsuits and Playsuits

Hi Friends,

While the sun's been out a lot these past few days, believe me, up in the North East the wind is absolutely freezing!!.... But never mind that, the sun out is always a good sign and I can't help but notice the daffodils blooming :) Hashtag spring it's well and truly on it's way or here already!! Nice!!! Today I'd like to share with you some outfit Inspo. So lately I have been loving the Jumpsuit / Playsuit look, I may have mentioned this before in a previous post when I spoke about Jumpsuits and Dungarees etc...I just love them! While browsing my to go store currently, lol i.e Asos, I couldn't help but notice some outfits that I thought I just had to share with you guys. You know how it is I love to share with you all everything fashion and beyond haha. So back to business, below are the outfits spotted feel free to leave a comment below on what your thoughts are if you want..
ASOS Playsuit with Open Back and Pleat Detail

The above playsuit is so cute! Love the cut off at the back. This is such a chic look which could be worn as a casual outfit or even formal.

Outfit 1: ASOS 90's Style Dungarees
Outfit 2: Superdry Dungarees
Outfit 3: Mango Denim Dungarees

Outfit 1: Pepe Jeans Denim Playsuit
Outfit 2: Jack Wills Chambray Playsuit
Outfit 3: ASOS Denim Dungaree Short with Rolled Hem in Rich Blue
Outfit 4: Vero Moda Ruffle Chambray Playsuit

Outfit 1: J.D.Y Printed Jumpsuit
Outfit 2: Maison Scotch Jumpsuit in Star Print
Outfit 3: ASOS Jumpsuit in Cluster Leaf Print
The more Formal Looks Sophisticated and Chic:
Ted Baker Jumpsuit with Embellished Neckline
ASOS Playsuit with One Shoulder Ruffle
There are so much more, these are just a few that I picked out to share with you guys. Hope you like them. Asos is slowing becoming one of my fav online shop to shop at and they have so many choices. Check them out if you haven't already! I'm sure most of you fashion lovers out there would have heard of Asos so just saying :)

Catch up with you all later! X


Friday, 10 April 2015

Ipanema Wish List!...| Outfit Combo

Hey Friends,

So, the sun has been out lately and I'm loving it! The feel of the warmth from the sun always feels good and somehow makes people happy. Now that we're done with the cold winter (hopefully) is it fair to say we can start thinking about summer?... Speaking of summer, may I just say that Ipanema sandals and flip flops are the bomb! 

Ipanema is one of Brazil’s hottest flip flop brands. They're stylish, vibrant and colourful designs showcase the true Brazilian spirit. Their flip flops are super creative, look comfy and have the fun factor! I decided to create a wish list in association with etailPR blogger network to showcase my fav design from Ipanema's collection and just to add a little fashion combo to the filp flops and sandals to give you a little inspo idea.


Ipanema Charm Sandal - (£20.00) (Although this seems to be sold out currently) I absolutely love this design and colour! They do them in a variety of colours but this one and the black ones are my favs. Below is an outfit you could pair them with: Esprit Utility Dress from Asos. 

Ipanema Footwear / Asos Outfit

Ipanema Gladiator Sandal - (£20.00) The Gladiator sandals is another choice of mine, simple but nice and love the bronze colour. You could wear them with the outfit below: Sessun Cerapetra Dungaree in Stripe also from Asos. Maybe paired with another t-shirt/top that's similar in colour to the bronze colour, it could be better suited.

 Ipanema Footwear / Asos Outfit

Ipanema Vitraux Sandal - (£30.00) The Vitraux is another one on my list. Although it's black and might look a little plain, I love the detail T-bar strap which features a display of gems reminiscent of a stained glass window. This would look lovely with the below outfit. Maison Scotch Playsuit with Pockets from Asos.

 Ipanema Footwear / Asos Outfit

Ipanema Festival Sandal - (£20.00) The Festival Sandal is so cute especially in the Rose Gold colour! Check the below outfit out that you could pair them with. One Teaspoon Dynasty Playsuit with High Neck from Asos.

 Ipanema Footwear / Asos Outfit

Just to add, most of the sandals could also be worn with other casual outfits i.e a pair of Jeans and T-shirt or maybe just a casual dress in the warmer weather, so your feet could feel the fresh breeze lol!

Flip Flops

You could probably wear the flip flops with most casual laid back outfits,... swimwear or beach wear but I have paired them with a few casual outfits just for Inspo my style :)

Ipanema Aztec Women's Flip Flop - (£16.00) This is currently sold out but I had to add it to my list. I like the pattern design and the colours, I've paired it with the below outfit. Sleeveless Tank With High Neck with an A-line Denim Skirt from Asos.

 Ipanema footwear / Asos Outfit

Ipanema Unique III - (£16.00) The Ipanema unique is definitely unique. These flip flops have a London theme design which I love being from the UK and that lol!... They also have other theme designs like Venice, Paris, Kyoto, New York Glow and New York! You should check them out they are all so lovely. I have paired them with a casual denim outfit. Mango Denim Utility Playsuit from Asos.
 Ipanema Footwear / Asos Outfit

Ipanema Bicycle - (£20.00) The Ipanema Bicycle flip flops are one of their new arrivals with a cute fresh look that I like. The Bicycle's unique print features a floral explosion coming from a classic bicycle basket, plus a delicate gold bicycle pin attached to the strap. I have paired this with the below outfit. Cropped T-Shirt with C'est Bon Holographic Print with Denim Shorts from Asos. I think the flip flops compliments the t-shirt really well with the pink/purple shining through the slogan of the T-shirt.

 Ipanema Footwear / Asos Outfit

You should definitely check out Ipanema's website for their range of flip flops and sandals they have other designs too that might be more to your style. They also do men's flip flops and also, flip flops and sandals for kids. How cute. Well guys, that's my list with my outfit combo Inspo. Hope you like them! I'm so looking forward to summer now... bring on summer I say!

Catch up with you guys later!

Ciao x


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Home Accessories & Decor | Inspo by Houzz

Hey Friends,

How are you all?... Hope you had a lovely Easter! I've always loved and found home interior decorating interesting and lately I have started exploring it more. Todays post, as you may have already guessed from the title, is about home decor / accessories inspired by, one of my fav interior decorating websites. While browsing through ideas on the website, I came across some pieces I'd like to share with you all take a look! Living room artificial flowers by RT fact Ltd.
Contemporary Artificial Flower Arrangements by East Anglia Furniture & Accessories RT fact Ltd

Artificial flower arrangements in the home could add a chic style to your home and a great alternate to real flowers. Don't get me wrong, real flowers are absolutely lovely and give a fresh feel to your home but if you're looking for something that lasts the distance for a longer period then artificial flowers could possibly be the key! You can get really nice arrangements nowadays that almost look as good as the real thing. RT fact has few arrangements you could check out if interested for more ideas. The above is one of my favs and it's the kind of style that I would personally go for.

Edith Hurricane Lanterns sold by Brissi
Love the above candle holders, they add a little decorative feel to the candle holders that seems quite plain don't you think?... I think this could probably look good as a centre piece somewhere in the home. Below is another candle holder that I would like to share.

Ceramic Tea Lights sold by Lavender/Room
Simple but stylish! This would look good somewhere around the home i.e on the dinner table ;) or maybe on a centre table in the lounge? or maybe on a mantle piece??... 

Large Moroccan Inspired Mirror With Metal Frame sold by Rockett St George 

Love this mirror! I'm sure it would look beautiful on a focus wall around the home or maybe the hall way wall...

There's No Place Like Home Doormat  sold by 

Love this door mat!... There is defo no place like home lol

Jute Weave Storage Baskets sold by H&M 

I've always wanted storage ideas that I can use in the kitchen to store some food items like potatoes or onions etc... Then I came across these! I just might give them a try.

Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Pillow Covers sold by vintagedesignsreborn

Hahahahaha love these!

Antique Globe sold by Just Globes 

This will help me plan my travels! Cause I want to travel the world!!..... 

Traditional World Globes by Other Metro Furniture & Accessories Just Globes

That's all for today peeps. Hope you like my selection. I will share more when I come across any others, love sharing ideas with you all. Have a good day!

Laters peeps x


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