Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Top Fashion Style Icon | Victoria Beckham

Hey Everyone,

Today's post is about my top fashion style icon, Victoria Beckham! No one can say that she isn't a style icon, she is in my opinion one of the most top fashion style icons out there. I must admit though that in her early years i.e 90's, her fashion was a bit hit and miss. But lately Mrs Beckham's (businesswoman, fashion designer, model and singer aka posh spice (as part of the girl group spice girls)) fashion style has massively improved. Victoria Beckham has become an internationally recognised style icon and fashion designer. Her fashion style is right up my street and although, there are a few outfits that she wears that you may think "oh!..I'm not so sure about that" she almost always manages to pull of the look and it kinda grows on me strangely lol. Victoria's style, whether formal or casual, always has an edge to it which I love. Oozing out fashion inspiration :). Who is your style icon? and why?.... would love to know, feel free to leave the comment below :) Lets just say I wanted to share with you some of my style Inspo so you could have an idea where my inspiration comes from, also, just to add Mrs Beckham's hubby David Beck's fashion style is also always on point where men's fashion is concerned come to think of it. Their children's style is also always fashionable so I guess good style runs in their family right? lol bless! Following are a couple of pictures of VB with few of many fashion outfits enjoy!

The Dress Look:
Casual Look:
Others/Smart Wear Look:

That's all folks!...

Catch you all later! X

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