Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cape Coats | Blanket Capes

Hello Friends,

Here to share with you the love that I have for cape coats! Do you guys remember ponchos?.... I remember when they were in fashion and I thought they were a nice cosy fashion item. Now we have Cape coats and blanket capes! I absolutely love capes the quirky style of them is just my kinda style and fashion and I love the different styles. You have the hooded, hooded with fur, Funnel collar etc... Today, I'm sharing with you some that I currently have my eye on which would probably end up on my next clothes shopping list.

Cape Coats:

Camel Fur Hooded Batwing Sleeve Cape Coat -

The Camel Fur is defo on my list, I like the style and love that it also has a Fur hood which looks really cosy. I like the colour too, I could really see me wearing this.

Akris Punto Beige Funnel collar Cape -

Buttoned up Boiled Wool Cape -

ASOS Hooded Military Cape - Asos

Blanket Capes:

ASOS Aztec Woven Cape - Asos

Kiboots Reversible Wool Cape - Asos

Oasis Cape Scarf - Asos

Which ones do you guys like?... The blanket capes are such a great alternative if you don't want to wear a coat or a jacket on top of your outfit but want to protect yourself from the cold. They look so comfy, quirky and quite fashionable too, which could possibly be paired with a variety of outfits. I so can't wait to get mine and I'm sure I'll probably get them in the various lengths too!...Thanks for reading!! 

Laters X


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year 2015 | Goals or Resolutions?

Hello Friends,

Happy new year all, hope the new year has been good so far and wishing you all the best for the rest of the year 2015. So, 2014 has slowly or should I say quickly said its goodbyes and we're now looking forward to see what the new year has in store for us all. At the start of a new year many have resolutions and some goals of which they hope to achieve in the year, others just go with the flow!.. Which ones yours Resolutions? or Goals? or simply going with the flow.. Last year, I made a resolution and I am grateful that have been able to start it off..  As the resolution is something that is kind of like a life choice resolution that cannot just be over a year. This year, I am opting to go for a goal I have several life goals which I hope to achieve by the grace of God which I know I will achieve. This year 2015, I am hoping to grow my blog and youtube channel a bit more. Working full time, managing a blog and a youtube channel could be tricky and hard work and life always seems to get in the way. But I am determined to put more into my blog and my channel so that I can grow and continue to share things that I love with my readers and subscribers! That's the reason why I started blogging and my channel in the first place so watch out peeps! Loads more to come from me 😉 xoxo

What are your Resolutions or Goals for the new year?.. I'd love to hear them!.. x

Ciao X

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