Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Winter Boots! | Finding the Right One

Hello All,

It's that time of the year again where I've been researching into purchasing new winter boots. I must say though, it's been tricky finding the perfect boots. I guess I'm pretty particular in certain things when looking for the perfect pair. Also, the fact that I have slim legs also comes into factor.. As much as I love fashion and keeping up with my style of trends comfort is a very important part in making a decision. So far, I have only been able to come up with a few pairs that I'm thinking of giving a try and I thought I'll share with you guys and maybe see what your thoughts are?.. The following are the ones that I have picked out.

The first pair that I currently have my eye on is from Dune London : Trish Black - Pull on over the knee boot. I have been looking for really nice over the knee boots for ages and when I came across this one from dune, I knew it ticked the box and I needed to add it to my boots shopping list..

After checking out the reviews also, it looks like the customer reviews have been quite positive so I'm definitely checking them out. The next pair of boots are a pair of knee high boots called Tiffin - Black Bertie Ruched Pull-On Knee High Leather Boots. Although I'm mainly looking for an everyday pair of winter boots which I think my boots options suits, the above over the knee boots is just an extra treat that I decided to share with you all as I have been searching for the perfect pair for a while now and when I came across it I just had to share :)! Okay now back to my everyday boots search lol!...

The next one is called Tabee Black Bertie Knee High Boots - By Dune

And the Carvela Wrap Low Heel Leather Knee Boots - I randomly stumbled across this they are available at either John Lewis or Debenhams

Final pick (so far) is the Melissa Black Slouched Calf Boots By Dune

So Guys, those were my options decisions hey?.. I'll have to try and keep you informed of the one I choose and maybe even write a review of it 😊

Ciao! X


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