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Rome Pt 2 | Out and about in Rome - Italy Trip 2014

Hello Friends,

Back for the 2nd part of my Rome post. The last one was mainly about the hotel we stayed at on our recent trip to Rome, this post is all about the lovely sites visited while we were there, hope you enjoy it! We only stayed in Rome for 2 nights and wanted to make the most of our time there so with such little time and so much to see the bf and I, decided to hit the road and and explore the sites of Rome. 

Day 1: We hit the streets of Rome and made our way down to see the Trevi Fountain!.. full of excitement, when we got there I was very disappointed because it was all covered up with scaffoldings that you couldn't even see the famous, beautiful fountain. Below is a few pics of the streets of Rome followed by the disappointing view of the Trevi Fountain.

The Trevi Fountain
See what I mean about the fountain? You could hardly see it they should have at least left part of it out so you can still see the main parts of the fountain. Any way never mind hey, might get to visit again and get a proper chance to see it in better view. The following are the other pics taken while site seeing enjoy!
The Basilica Di Santa Maria Maggiore - Not sure if this is the front or back of the building
Side View Of The Santa Maria
The Santa Maria - back or front building - I should really do my research!.. Haha!
Streets around the Santa Maria

The buildings are so unique and different! Further on from my walk to explore the sites, I came across a random building followed by a lovely fountain that actually had water in it lol the building is so random I'm trying to work out what it is a house maybe? Haha here's the picture..
Random Building

Next pictures - The Spanish Steps
It was mega busy and unfortunately I was unable to take a full picture of the steps that I would have wanted to but I got to take a few below are the ones I took.
View from Half way up the Spanish Steps

Day 2 - You couldn't visit Rome without seeing the Colosseum Right?.. Yep on to the Colosseum!. It was absolutely A-mazing!! loved it. Here are a few pics taken of the Colosseo.
The Colosseum 
Inside The Colosseum
Inside The Colosseum
Altare Della Patria 
Altare Della Patria - Monumento  Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II
Thats all folks! Hope you liked the snaps. Rome is a beautiful city and I'm thankful that I got the opportunity to be able to visit although the visit was short and definitely sweet. I hope some day I will be able to return to the lovely city!

Ciao! X


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  1. Wow, I have always wanted to visit Rome! The colosseum looks amazing and your photography is outstanding! I hope you had fun!

    Lauren |


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