Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Second Destination: Florence - Pisa | Italy Trip 2014

Hey All,

This post is all about my trip to Firenze.. Florence Italy!.. Florence was the 2nd destination on our Italy trip. When planing our trip to Italy, to be honest Florence wasn't really a city that we thought of going to but as we had the opportunity to also visit Florence we thought why not. That saying, I'm glad we got the chance to experience Florence and to see the beautiful city. While we were there, we decided to jump on the train down to Pisa to see the leaning tower which was absolutely amazing!!

The hotel we stayed at in Florence was called Hotel Porta Faenza. The hotel was nice, but unfortunately wasn't really my cup of tea.. No offence though, as I'm sure it might be to others but if I'm honest, it was just okay somewhere to put your head down for the night etc.. I'm so sorry I wasn't inspired to take photos of the hotel and there wasn't that much too it. I did however, take a photo of an area of the reception that I felt was quite old fashioned and unique which I kinda liked, proper vintage probably.. I'll insert the picture below:

Now you don't see a phone and a typewriter like that everyday do you?.. I just had to take the pic! Florence is such a lovely, beautiful city and I really enjoyed checking out the sites while I was there. The following are the snaps that I took while site seeing hope you like them!

Florence Cathedral - The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore
Piazza del Duomo Florence
The other side of the Duomo at night - Beautiful Architecture
Palazzo Vecchio
Loggia dei Lanzi
Piazza della Repubblica
These are just a few I have loads more on my Instagram check them out!.. The next photos are the ones taken in Pisa. Pisa is another lovely city in Italy in the region of Tuscany were you can find the leaning tower which is absolutely amazing! While I was there I tried the famous pose near the leaning tower but unfortunately for me, the lightning wasn't on my side and the photos taken weren't up to scratch. So, I'm sorry I won't be sharing them. Maybe one day when I return I will have a pic for you then enjoy!

San Michele in Borgo
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Looking at the tower from this picture that I took on my camera the tower doesn't really look like it's leaning does it?.. Lol but compared to the pic I took on my iPhone that definitely showed the leaning tower leaning hehe.. Check out my Insta pics to see the difference. I have also added another picture below taken of the tower from another angle..

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Piazza dei Miracoli
Camposanto Monumentale
Pisa Baptistry of St. John
View over the Bridge on the way back to Pisa Train Station
The last picture taken was such a lovely view I just had to take a shot 😊 that's it people!.. However, I do have plenty more on Instagram so if you fancy more go over to my Instagram page and take a look hope you like them!.. Next post; Rome! xx


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