Friday, 29 August 2014

Autumn Finds - Casual Tops / Jumpers | WalG

Hello Friends,

Happy Friday!.. I love Fridays' the start of the weekend and my favourite day of the week 😊. So summer is almost, if not already, over 😒 and I'm beginning to feel the autumn breeze. While doing some online browsing checking out some outfits, I came across some lovely tops/jumpers that I thought I'll share with you guys. As the weather is becoming a bit nippy lol I think its time I purchase some light jumpers/tops here are a few that I came across hope you like them.
The first one is called Open Poncho Top, at the moment I'm unable to decide which colour to go for I'm stuck between the grey one or the brown or maybe I should just get both lol decisions hey!..

Top 1: Open Poncho Top

Grey / Brown Open Poncho Top
The Poncho tops looks well comfy and I like the way its slightly slouch. The next one is an oversized crossed over top: (I like my grey's)

Top 2: Oversized Cross Over Top
Oversized Cross Over Top
This top is plain, simple but I think it makes a nice casual top which could easily be paired with anything from skinny jeans to leggings.

Jumper 1: Star Print Jumper

Star Print Jumper
This Jumper looks well comfy and cute and I love the colour and the star pattern. The next jumper is quite plain it's called Fearne Jumper. My Style is mostly simple and trendy but, I think simple is good and maybe the odd bold brave styles here and there. My thoughts on that is no matter how plain the jumper, top or an outfit is, it's how you wear it that matters 😉

Jumper 2: Fearne Jumper

Fearne Jumper
The both tops and jumpers are all from WalG: Website - check out the website guys its got a lot of nice outfits that may be of interest to you! Let me know if you find anything you would like to share happy shopping!..

Ciao! Xx


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