Sunday, 25 May 2014

My MAC Collection - Beauty Shop

Hey all,

How you all doing? Hope you're having a nice chilled out weekend and a good Bank Holiday break! 
So, I've been doing a little shopping this weekend and picked up a few MAC cosmetics to add to my mini makeup collection. To be honest, I'm not really an everyday make up person but the girl in me seems to be coming out a lil bit more in that department lately.. haha! Even though I don't wear make up everyday, I do like to wear a little for outings, etc. Lately, I've been trying to teach myself and experiment in what colour would suit my skin tone.. Wish me luck guys catch up soon! 

Ciao! X


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Jackets/Coats| Leather Sleeves

Hey Friends,

Back to share my current trend spot with you guys. I know its kind of "summer" at the moment and I should be look more at summer outfits and that.. But, living in the UK we don't get much of summer and I can't help but feel the need to share with you the following jackets that I currently have my eye on. I first spotted Charley Webb an actress on a UK TV soap Emmerdale, for those of you that know her has Debbie Dingle, wearing a Parker jacket with a slight twist. This Parker Jacket had Faux Leather Sleeves which gave it a bit of an edge. I saw it and thought, "oooooh I like that lol!", then I started noticing it more and more.. Then knew I definitely liked it and had to get one for myself.

French Connection Military Parade Parka with Faux Leather Sleeves 

Although, I haven't been able to purchase this beauty jacket yet. I'm hoping I will do, once it's back in stock. I will continue to do my research to see where I could purchase the jacket. Here's a picture of the Parker jacket and the one underneath that I first spotted.

Zara Parker With Quilted Faux Leather Sleeves Coat Jacket Blazer 

At the moment, I can't really decide if I want the one with the fur hood or the one without.. They are both so nice decisions, decisions.. Lol how about I just buy both?..😊 While doing my research I also came across the below little number, smart! Liking it, may just have to get that one too!

Women's Long Warm Pu Leather Sleeve Jacket Coat Parka Woolen Trench Windbreaker 

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your day whatever you're doing!..😘

Ciao Laters' x

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