Saturday, 22 February 2014

African Outfits| Prints

Hey all,

It's all about my African heritage today, sharing the love I have for African outfits from full on traditional to the more modern. I have thrown together a few photos to share with you today, I hope you like them! Unfortunately, the UK weather doesn't allow me to wear African outfits much. I think things might be about to change!.. 

I love my African background and I absolutely love the pattern, prints and design detail of most of the outfits, not forgetting the head attire. The thing about the prints is that you can even have one material print sown into a different style dress or outfit as you please to suit your own style. For example, the first picture and the third are the same prints but sown in two different clothing styles. I like the fact that you can potentially see the prints you like in different outfit styles to see which one is best suited to your style. What do you think about African prints in general?.. Do you have any thoughts about them, the style or have you never really come across any?.. Well, even if you are not African please feel free to comment on what you think about them. (I actually think it can suit anyone African or non-African lol 😊) Do you think it's something you might want to give a try or see yourself wearing? Do you like any of the below outfits?.. Please leave your comments below, I'd love to know what your thoughts are.


Modern Outfits:

Complete Outfit:

Traditional Outfits:

I know the above picture shows the same outfit but which colour is your ideal match?.. As you can see, the gold colour can be combined with gold or red. Both colours look lovely, I would definitely wear both. The thing is with the gold Iro and Buba - which is the african name for the outfit, you only need to get the head gear and wrapper in the Red & Gold colours and they will both go perfectly with the Iro and Buba. So in a way, you have 2 outfits in 1 win win!.. There is also the other colour of rose gold (middle bottom picture) that you can match with the red head gear and wrapper.

Celebrity's in African prints:

Here you can see celebrities Rihanna, Solange, Eve and below picture of Maya rocking the african prints, getting in with the cultures fashion.

That's it!.. For now anyway 😊, hope you liked them. 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.. x



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